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three new tuning kits

New tuning kits for Saab 9-5, Opel Insignia & Kia Cee'd

Our engineers have now developed three new tuning kits and put them on the shelves. A Saab-, Opel- and a Kia engine, all three with more than 200 horse power each, has got their teeth sharpen even more:

Saab 9-5 NG 2.0T Biopower 220hp > 281hp/445Nm
Opel Insignia 2.0T 220Hp FlexiFuel 2011-2013 > 281Hk/445Nm
Kia Pro Cee´d II 1.6T GT 204Hp 2013-2014 > 236Hk/349Nm

Machine Warranty and Tuning Warranty are included
Both the BSR Machine Warranty for the power train (max. 4 years / 120.000km) and the Tuning Warranty with free software updates after the service are included in the tuning kit. Via the included PPC 3 unit you can change between tuned and stock settings in a few minutes, even without lifting the hood.

Visit our webshop for more detailed information about the tuning kits.

Gepubliceerd: 2014-08-28