Mercedes E 250 CDI 204Hp

Mercedes E-Class 250 CDI 204Hp

BSR offers engine optimization for Mercedes E-Class W207/W212 250 CDI 204hp, model year 2010-2013. As usual when it comes to measuring power inceases, BSR does it the serious way, by only comparing stock and tuned figures that have been measured according to the same standard in the Rototest. (To compare stock figures from the manufacturer that have been measured in another environment with the own figures is not fully correct. Read more about serious power measuring here.) Our measurements show that BSR´s optimization provides a real increase of 26Hp/35Nm! The power upgrade provides:

Machine Warranty and Tuning Warranty included Both the BSR Machine Warranty for the power train (max. 4 years / 120.000km) and the Tuning Warranty with free software updates after the service are included in the tuning kit. Via the included PPC 3 unit you can change between tuned and stock settings in a few minutes, even without lifting the hood.

Gepubliceerd: 2013-10-10